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Prime Package

Prime Package

Our Prime package will have your interior looking and smelling like new with our state-of-the-art cleaning technology. The best part about it, we can make it look and feel brand new and not leave a greasy film.

We go deep!! Our team will deeply clean your interior and bring it back to life. You will feel proud to be in your car or truck again. We vacuum and steam clean, our proven process will leaving saying “WOW”. Perfect for anytime of the year, especially before, during and after winter.

You deserve the best for your car. Book today!

Package Includes

Deep Cleaning Vacuum Interior Treatment

  • We start our interior cleaning process by removing all floor mats and vacuuming all the loose dirt, debris, and stains. Next, we steam clean and shampoo all the carpets and seats and all other upholstery. We do a final vacuum after the steam cleaning and shampoo application is done to help remove excess dirt and aid a quicker drying time of the upholstery.

Steam Clean Carpet Floor Mats, & Clean Rubber Mats

  • Of course after the main carpets and seats are cleaned the removal mats need to be cleaned too. We remove these out to the side to give them the same cleaning treatment as the rest of the upholstery. We will pressure wash and scrub rubber floor mats.

Interior Wipe Down With Our Quick Shine

  • We are proud to announce that our interior cleaning chemicals do not leave any shiny greasy and filmy residue that are found by most interior cleaners from the parts store. As we meticulously get every crevice we apply a cleaner that will make your interior clean with a soft matte finish like new while leaving an incredible but SUBTLE citrus scent.

Streak-Free Glass Cleaning

  • This is for both looks and safety. We strive to make your glass streak and spot free. Our premium glass cleaner will give you the ultimate clarity and invisible look when finished. We want to ensure your safety, especially driving at night. Dirty windows are not a good look nor is it very fun to drive at night on a rainy day with tons of glare.
  • 1-3 Hours Depending On Condition.
  • **Plus a $50 upcharge per hour if it takes longer.

Please remove all personal belongings so we can precisely clean the interior of your vehicles and make it look and smell like new.

Cancellation Policy Description:
  • At the time of your reservation, a $75 deposit will be automatically collected from the payment method you provide. This deposit will be deducted against your service fee. Any appointments missed, or canceled, without a 24-hour notice will be charged $75. If you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment, please contact us at (248) 467-8508 or email us at
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