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Supreme Package

Our Supreme package is our highest level package. If you want the best, this is the package to buy. We include every service required to get your car or truck in supreme condition, ready for anything!

This is our interior & exterior wash package and includes hand washing, wheels, and tire cleaning, brake cleaning, fender wells, tire shine, door jams, trunk jams, and inner gas door, streak-free glass cleaning, and our special top coat wax. Also included is our interior and floor matt vacuum plus interior wipe down with our quick shine.

The Supreme package also includes steam clean carpet floor mats and clean rubber mats. also included is a deep engine clean so your engine will look fantastic!

In addition, we perform our iron x and road fallout removal. plus, clay bar, polish/paint correction, and ceramic coating, the ultimate protection for your vehicle.

This package is exclusively designed for unique clients that want and expect the best. Book your Supreme package, book now!

Package Includes

3 Bucket Hand Wash

  • To help preserve your paint and avoid scratching, we use a 3 bucket hand wash method. One bucket is used only for wheels, tires, brakes, fender wells, and engines. The other 2 buckets are used for the exterior paint. This is crucial to preserve your paint because, unlike drive-through car washes, the wash mitten is rinsed in one bucket of all the debris and the other bucket is used to reapply the soap to continue washing the vehicle. This ensures that all contaminants from the road do not get reapplied to the paint when hand washing the vehicle by controlling the cleanliness of the wash mitten.

Wheels And Tires

  • Wheels and tires make or break a vehicle. We start our exterior wash with the wheels and tires since it’s the dirtiest portion of the part. We get in the crevices with small hand brushes. By doing this, we are able to reach into the inner barrels of the wheels without removing them. We have our own separate bucket for the wheels and we use this time to agitate all the dirt and brake dust from the wheels and tires. Scrub the tires with a brush filled with soap and water. Clean wheels and tires and apply a long-lasting low gloss natural-looking tire dressing.


  • Cleaned with the wheels and tires, we are able to reach the calipers with the narrow bristles to give your brake caliper a nice clean look. This small little detail will really help make your wheels and tires stand out and it gives it more of a complete detailed finish.

Fender Wells

  • This is something that can’t be missed. Especially for the people that have SUVs and trucks. We understand it can be even worse if you live on a dirt road so we got you covered on this one. For lifted vehicles some of the immediate suspension components are included with the fender well cleaning.

Tire Shine

  • Give your wheels, tires, brakes, and fender wells a nice polished look with our long-lasting natural low gloss tire shine! This tire shine will last longer than the average tire shine because we scrub the tires clean first so the dressing has a nice clean surface to stick, thus making it last weeks and not a couple of days. This tire shine is one of our favorite final touches because it got a natural clean look. It won’t have a greasy finish that makes your tires look plastic. You’ll be impressed!

Streak-Free Glass

  • This is for both looks and safety. We strive to make your glass streak and spot-free. Our premium glass cleaner will give you the ultimate clarity and invisible look when finished. We want to ensure your safety, especially driving at night. Dirty windows are not a good look nor is it very fun to drive at night on a rainy day with tons of glare.

Door Jams, Trunk Jams, Hood Jams, And Inner Gas Door

  • To give your vehicle an extra polished look, we take the extra time to clean door jams, trunk jams, hood jams, and inside the gas door. Dirt likes to accumulate in these areas and it is critical that this step gets done to not only give it more of a complete detail but to also prevent corrosion as these can be hot spots for rust over time.

Spray Wax

  • After the ceramic coat, we spray our special top coat wax “BEAD MAKER” which will give your paint the ultimate protection from sun rays, bug guts, road tar, and other harsh chemicals when driving on the roads. And of course, as a bonus, your car gets a luscious shine that will keep you staring. Bead maker usually lasts about 3-4 weeks.

Deep Cleaning Vacuum Interior Treatment

  • We start our interior cleaning process by removing all floor mats and vacuuming all the loose dirt, debris, and stains. Next, we steam clean and shampoo all the carpets and seats and all other upholstery. We do a final vacuum after the steam cleaning and shampoo application are done to help remove leftover dirt and aid a quicker drying time of the upholstery.

Steam Clean Carpet Floor Mats, And Clean Rubber Mats

  • Of course, after the main carpets and seats are cleaned the removal mats need to be cleaned too. We remove these out to the side to give them the same cleaning treatment as the rest of the upholstery. We will pressure wash and scrub rubber floor mats.

Interior Wipe Down With Our Quick Shine

  • We are proud to announce that our interior cleaning chemicals do not leave any shiny greasy and filmy residue that is found by most interior cleaners from the parts store. As we meticulously get every crevice we apply a cleaner that will make your interior clean with a soft matte finish like new while leaving an incredible but SUBTLE citrus scent. To add protection, we layer your interior with ceramic coating.

Engine Clean

  • This is probably one of the most satisfying tasks that we do. Most people neglect this area but this is what you get in the spring clean special. The engine is washed thoroughly with brushes. After we dry it, we apply our long-lasting natural low gloss tire shine. This will keep the plastics and hoses protected and looking new.

Iron X and Road Fallout Removal

  • This is a critical step for our comprehensive supreme process. Before the clay bar, we need to decontaminate the paint from iron caused by the road deposits and brake dust. It’s an extra step we take to get the paint further enhanced for shine and to avoid causing scratches and swirls.

Clay Bar

  • After the iron removal, we move on to a clay bar. This further removes contamination, overspray, and pollution. The contaminants pulled from the clay bar are not visible to the eye but can be seen on the clay when finished. Clay bar further enhances the cleaning process by removing the microscopic dirt and will have a clean fresh surface for the paint correction process that’s coming up next. We apply a clay bar to all painted surfaces.

Polish/Paint Correction

  • Polish is one step that will visually be the most satisfying. We remove all light scratches and swirl marks. Unfortunately, we won’t be able to remove deep scratches that are down to the bare metal. You’ll need to consult with a body shop if the scratch is deeper than the clear coat. We polish all painted surfaces to help your vehicle shine like new.

Ceramic Coat

  • Ceramic coating is the ultimate protection for your vehicle. It forms an extra barrier to fight against all contaminants and road debris that could cause havoc to your paint over time. We apply ceramic coating inside AND out. Our state-of-the-art ceramic coating is good for all surfaces to keep everything on your vehicle looking new while having increased protection. The ceramic coating typically lasts 2-5 years depending on if the vehicle is garage kept and if you do maintenance washes regularly. Our maintenance washes are our exterior packages where we use our 3 bucket wash system and a top coat of the spray wax to preserve the ceramic coat. We advise you not to drive your car through an automatic wash/dealership/ and “do it yourself washes” because the high PH levels of the soaps will break down and dimmish the ceramic coat.
  • 10-15 hours depending on condition plus $50 per hour upcharge if it takes longer.
Cancellation Policy Description:
  • At the time of your reservation, a $75 deposit will be automatically collected from the payment method you provide. This deposit will be deducted against your service fee. Any appointments missed, or canceled, without a 24-hour notice will be charged $75. If you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment, please contact us at (248) 467-8508 or email us at
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