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After a year of using my station wagon to haul dirty tools, the interior had gotten quite dirty. Dexter managed to get it cleaner than the day I bought the car! He managed to get some stains out that I thought were permanent and even cleaned areas I didn’t expect. His attention to detail is amazing!

Zachary Detwiler

Got tired of my car being so dirty from work and taxiing the family around town, had my car in and out in no time, very friendly and responsive!

Marcus Holt

I paid to have my Engine Cleaned. Very affordable and looked brand new once the service was complete. Customer service was very professional and Highly Recommend this service. Will be returning ??

Megatron_ Ivy

Amazing service! I have 3 kids, so you can only imagine how the inside of my vehicle looked before getting it detailed. It looked brand new when they were finished, I’m thoroughly impressed. Will definitely be a repeat customer.

Jena Leonard

GREAT customer service! GREAT Job! I will definately be taking my Corvette back to him!

Sally Rials

Very professional experience, you can tell that the owner of the business is very much for the people he takes care of. Will definitely visit again as his shop beats the competitors around the area 100%

Ashton Thompson

Mr. Alleyne was very professional and knowledgeable. Was able to help me understand the problem with my car and fix it in a timely manner. Ten out of ten would recommend

Isaac Collins

Dexter was amazing when he fully detailed my 2020 Subaru STI for a race weekend! It was the cleanest car out at Waterford Hills that weekend! Will have him do work on all my cars in the future!

Glenn Wayson

had my beloved 2002 mustang gt cared for by Dexter. he did great! every little detail / blemish one the car spotted by him, he went above and beyond to tend to the problem issues. Next time it is in i plan to have even more work done to the paint and some interior cleaning! would recommend going to him if you genuinely care about your vehicle and are looking for someone who cares just as much , if not more about the final product then you do!

Dan Burt

So professional and efficient!!

Jasmine Gonzalez

Made my faded paint look like new again. Super happy with the results. Deff going back again

Fred Adams

I’ve got a 21 TrackHawk and a 21 Bronco Sport First Edition and these guys are the only ones who I will let touch them. They love what they do and are incredibly trustworthy. Hard to find a shop that you KNOW is going to treat your cars like you would. Genuinely good people running the show here and they will offer legitimate advice wherever you need it. 5 stars all around, thank you so much

John Rinehart

Dexter’s Auto Spa is a great place to get detail work done! He does incredible work and did great with detailing my car. The inside and outside were impeccable and I’d highly recommend utilizing them. Very detail oriented and professional. Prompt and friendly. Best of all, great customer service skills!

Vincent Moten

Quick response and fair pricing for a mobile automotive detailer.

Aaron (WickeDeVil313)

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